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Austin + Megan Honeymoon

Now this video was a fun one to make. This is me and my new husband, Austin, on our honeymoon. We decided to take a less traditional route and go on an adventurous honeymoon rather than a relaxing one. We flew into Vegas on Sunday and drove to Arizona. Our first stop to eat was good ol' In-N-Out Burger, which was a must for Austin. We stayed near Flagstaff while in Arizona. On Monday we hiked to the bottom of the Grand Canyon and back in a single day. We started on South Kaibab trail, hiked down past the Colorado River to Phantom Ranch, and back up Bright Angel trail. It took us a little over 13.5 hours total to do the 17+ mile hike. Tuesday we rode a helicopter over the canyon, experiencing the best of both worlds. We got to see all the beauty the canyon had to offer from the deep inner layers to the aerial sky view. We also got a well deserved couples massage Tuesday afternoon after murdering our bodies the day before.

Wednesday we traveled from Arizona to Utah on to the next adventure. Thursday we rode UTV's at sunset at Sand Hallow State Park and the views were to die for. Definitely one of the top experiences for me on the trip. Friday we hiked The Narrows at Zion National Park. We did that in about a 6 mile round trip. We were surrounded by massive walls of rock the entire time, hiking in waist deep water at moments. It was freezing that morning when we started, but the weather got better as the sun came out more. Saturday we traveled to Vegas and did some exploring there. We had a fancy dinner at The Capital Grille that was AMAZING. Our hotel room was absolutely beautiful with stunning city views. Sunday we flew home and began our life as a newly married couple. Our honeymoon was full of so much adventure, too much to type here or else you'd get bored reading it. I wouldn't have our honeymoon any other way though. It was a dream to experience all I did with my new husband during this week. This video barely captures all the beauty we witnessed, but here's my attempt to put it on a screen anyways.

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