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Meet Megan...

Hello beautiful! If you want to get to know a little more about the person you may be hiring, this is the page for that!


A Little About Me...

Some background into my company...

Hello everyone! I'm Megan, founder of Radiant Film NC. I am a wedding videographer based in Clinton, North Carolina. Though I am based in North Carolina, I love to travel, especially to help someone create the perfect wedding day! I created Radiant Film NC to help couples have a tangible, lasting memory of their wedding.


I started this business in August 2020. I was stressed and overwhelmed with nursing school. My then fiancé, Austin, told me I needed to find a hobby and do something I enjoy. I was into making and creating videos for my dads business, motorcycle races, and things I did with my friends. My mom encouraged me and told me she saw talent in what I did. So I bought my first camera and stopped using my phone to create videos. Little did I know it would turn into this business and I would begin filming weddings. I LOVE filming weddings for couples and creating something beautiful they can go back and watch to remember the best day of their lives by.

Some quick facts about me...

Name: Megan Williams

Age: 26

Years filming professionally: 4+ years

What I film with: Fujifilm XT4 (the best color)

My wedding date: 05-01-2021

International travel: Cuba, Haiti, DR, Belgium, The Netherlands

Siblings: 3 sisters- yes all girls!

Favorite color: Green

Favorite snack: HOT FRIES ALL DAY!!

Favorite season: Summer

Favorite hobby: Hiking- give me all the views!

Interesting fact: I have my motorcycle license & am a twin

We might be a good fit if....

- you prefer a cinematic approach mixed with documentary style for your film; meaning fairly chronological, portraying how your day really happened, but with some clips mixed a little!

- you love candid shots- of course we will pose you some, but only enough to get the true love to shine through

- you love nostalgia and having things you can look back on to cherish past memories 

- you can picture yourself in these films

- you're laid back and know at the end of the day the most important thing is your new marriage!

Radiant Films NC by megan_3.19.22-04.png

My go to music genre: Indie Folk 


My go to Starbucks order:
Iced Caramel Macchiato  

Places I want to travel next:
-Hot Springs National Park
-Yosemite National Park


My enneagram type:
One- The Reformer-principled, purposeful, self-controlled, and perfectionistic



Second Shooters


April Baldwin

  • Instagram

Fun Fact: I’m Megan’s sister😁


Daniel Ko

  • Instagram

Fun Fact: I have my own photography business.


Emily Brown

  • Instagram

Fun Fact: I am currently in school to obtain my doctorate degree. 


Austin Williams

  • Instagram

Fun Fact: I can play acoustic guitar, bass, electric, drums, and some piano. 


Kelsey Brinkley

  • Instagram

Fun Fact: I have a 6 year old weenie dog that goes with me literally everywhere 😂

Cannady, Jamie.JPG

Jamie Cannady

  • Instagram

Fun Fact: I have a degree in dance!

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